Paterson Historical Society aims to promote and preserve the history and heritage of the Paterson district and help people find information about their forebears from the district. Our publications cover many aspects of the district's history.

Acknowledgement of Country

Paterson Historical Society acknowledges the Aboriginal people of the Paterson Valley ... read more.

Museum opening times

Paterson Court House Museum is open from to 3.00pm on Sundays (closed Sunday 19 December 2021, reopens Sunday 16 January 2022.

Group visits

Groups visits outside outside normal museum opening times are welcome by prior arrangement. Email for further details.

Special individual visits to Museum

The museum can open outside normal times for individuals or couples by prior arrangement. A fee of $50 applies and is subject to availability of volunteers. Email us at

Paterson Historical Town Walk 2021

The Paterson Historical Town Walk will be held on Sunday 28 March 2021, beginning at Paterson Court House Museum at 1pm (please arrive at least 10 minutes before). This popular yearly event is guided by Dr Cameron Archer who will provide a fascinating account of town's heritage treasures and history during the walk. Some of the town's building date back to the 1830s.

A special feature this year will be the Paterson School of Arts which has stood proudly in Duke St for 86 years, being built in 1935 in the dying days of the Great Depression. The building will be opened specially for the walk, during which the finer, little-known features of its interior will be explained.

The walk costs $5 for adults and includes museum entry and afternoon tea. School children are free. Bring a hat, walking shoes and a waterbottle. The walk lasts about an hour and a half and requires reasonable walking mobility.

The Paterson Rail Motor Society's depot will be open for inspection after the walk.

Further details about the walk can be found in the media release.

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Our new books in 2020

"Portraits of Paterson"

cover of Portraits of Paterson

Alison Pitkin's new book "Portraits of Paterson"focusses on the village of Paterson, its buildings and families. The book features stories recorded over the years about local families, businesses and houses which have been published in the Paterson Psst. They are supplemented by information about many of the older buildings, businesses and families living in Paterson during the 1900s. Extensively illustrated by Val Anderson.

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"Steam Ships on the Paterson River"

cover of Steam Ships on the Paterson River

Wayne Patfield's new book "Steamships on the Paterson River 1832-1950" provides details of 116 steam ships that operated on the Paterson River, including the names of builders, owners, operators and agents. It's a definitive reference based on years of painstaking research and a "must read" for anyone wishing to understand the river trade, the people and their vessels. It includes actual photos of many of the vessels, plus index.

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Hear Wayne's interview about his book on ABC Radio.

"Seven Little Churches of the Paterson Valley"

cover of Seven Little Churches

The new book "Seven Little Churches of the Paterson Valley" celebrates 175 years since the creation of the Anglican Parish of Gresford Paterson. It was written by David Brouwer and published by Paterson Historical Society at the suggestion of the Parish. The book traces the history and fate of the seven churches in the Parish — St Mary-on-Allyn, St Paul's at Paterson and Eccleston, St Anne's at Gresford, St Johns at Vacy and Lostock, and St James at Martins Creek.

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Boats at Paterson wharf