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A Fortunate Liaison - Dr Adoniah Vallack and Jacky Jacky, by Jack Sullivan.

The history of the Vallack family and Adoniah Vallack in particular who rescued Jacky Jacky at Cape York in 1848. Jacky Jacky had survived Edmund Kennedy's exploration to Cape York that resulted in Kennedy's death. 350 pages including index. $40.00 (H)

A History of St Ann's Presbyterian Church Paterson, by Cameron Archer and Jack Sullivan.

A detailed history of what was, before its closure and decommissioning in 2009, one of Australia's oldest continuing Presbyterian churches and a prominent landmark in the village of Paterson. Includes many photos and details of its ministers. 98 pages including bibliography. $15.00

A Synopsis of the History of the Paterson River Valley, by Harry F. Boyle and Val Anderson.

A short trip along the Paterson River (first called the New River) beginning with information on Lt. Col. William Paterson. Then follows brief coverage of several early tragedies, together with details of land grants and settlers pre 1830 and properties listed in the 1859 Electoral roll. Includes delightful illustrations of early properties by Val Anderson. (3 pp.) $2.50

Aborigines in the Paterson Gresford Districts: Effects of Settlement, by Boris Sokoloff.

A well documented observation of Indigenous contact with European settlers in the Paterson and Gresford districts, from 1801. Includes index and bibliography, 102 pages. $28.00

Burials in St. Paul's Church Cemetery, Paterson - Part 1 from 1839 to 1900, by Pauline M Clements.

A detailed account of burials in St. Paul's including photos of headstones and biographical details of those buried there (where available). An invaluable reference for family history in the Paterson district. 280 pages. $33.00 (H)

Burials in St. Paul's Church Cemetery, Paterson - Part 2 from 1901 to 1986, by Pauline M Clements.

Part 2 of the above publication, covering 1901 to 1986. $30.00 (H)

Centenary of St. Columba's Catholic Church, Paterson 1884-1984, by Audrey Bruno.

This A5 booklet includes the early years of Maitland Diocese and Gresford Parish. 20 pages. $4.00

Charles Boydell 1808 - 1869 and Camyr Allyn, Allyn River, Gresford, by Jack Sullivan.

Clever use is made of original manuscripts, diaries, early sketches and photographs, as well as newspaper items in this impressive work. Many of the pioneer families of the district are shown against a backdrop of the social, political and economic history of the Upper Paterson Valley. A landmark book on the history of the Paterson and Hunter Valleys, by Jack Sullivan. (273 pp.) $33.00 (H)

Dawn Service, compiled by Kathy Lyall.

coverAddresses presented during the dawn service at Paterson War Memorial by Chaplain Stephen Moore. 33 pages. $20.00

Dr Henry Lindeman and Cawarra, Gresford (Part 1), by Jack Sullivan.

table of contents/index

coverA detailed insight into the life and times of Henry Lindeman in his early years before coming to Australia and his long and productive life in the colony. The book is essential reading for those interested in the history of wine growing in Australia. Not only is Dr Lindeman a pioneer in the wine industry. He was also one of the first "wine doctors" - doctors who established vineyards and made wine to use as a medicine for patients. The book is 399 pages and contains numerous photos and maps, as well as an index and bibliography. $45.00 (H)

European Settlement at Paterson River 1812 to 1822, by Brian Walsh.

coverA fascinating account of the first Europeans to settle outside the Sydney basin. Reveals the operation of the Newcastle penal settlement, the benevolence of Governor Macquarie, life on the Paterson River, the remarkable local economy and the struggles of the early convict settlers to keep their land. 48 pages. $20.00

George Boyle White 1802-1876, by Harry F Boyle.

This publication of the 1995 Heritage Address given by Harry Boyle provides an insight into the life and work of one of the colony's earliest surveyors. Includes coverage of his many arduous journeys as well as extracts from official correspondence and personal diary entries. (13 pp.) $4.00

George Townshend 1798-1872 and Trevallyn, Paterson River, by Jack Sullivan.

A well-researched and excellently presented account of the life of one of the most influential but hitherto mysterious pioneers of the Paterson and Allyn Rivers. The book provides details of his personal and professional life, both before his arrival in Australia in 1826 and during the almost 50 years of his association with Trevallyn, together with a history of the post Townshend Trevallyn to the present day. The book is liberally illustrated with maps, newspaper items and photos. (108 pp.) $25.00

Glove Box Guide to the Paterson Valley, by Cameron Archer.

coverA definitive guide to leisure drives in the Valley, 48 pages in full colour, with lots of photos. Based on 35 years of experience in the valley, Cameron Archer shares the secrets, delights and details of this special place - from Morpeth in the south, right through to the very cradle of the valley in the high country of Mount Allyn in the Barrington Tops National Park. The book fits in the glove box and includes a map and advice about checking road conditions. There are also web sites for further information. $15.00

Gostwyck, Paterson 1823-2009, by Lesley Gent.

Based on the 2008 Heritage Address. Gostwyck was one of the Paterson area's very early land grants. This publications outlines the two houses that have been built there, and the different owners over time: the Cory, Luke, Cooper and Priestly families. 83 pages, including maps, illustrations, photographs, bibliography and index. $25.00

Heritage Photographs, series 1, Historic Paterson, by Cameron Archer (ed.).

A selection of old photographs of Paterson and district from about 1860. A great insight into times past. 28 pages. $16.00

Heritage Photographs, series 2, John Doidge Tucker, by Shirley Threlfo (ed.).

The second series of old photos of Paterson and district. Includes John Doidge Tucker, floods and many more topics. 28 pages. $16.00

Heritage Photographs, series 3, Historic Paterson, by Kathy Lyall (ed.).

The third series of old photos of Paterson and district. Includes the Wesleyan Chapel from the 1860s, the punt across the Paterson river, churches, homesteads and pioneers. 28 pages. $16.00

Herman Montague Rucker Rupp - The Orchid Man of Paterson, by Val Anderson.

coverReveals the life of the Rev. Rupp and his passion for identifying and recording native orchards in the Paterson area. This study took place while he was Rector of St Paul's Church of England at Paterson from 1924 to 1930. 56 pages. $15.00

History of St. Paul's Church Paterson N.S.W., by Pauline M Clements.

An informative history of one of the oldest churches in Australia. Covering the place of the Church in the early days of the colony, the struggles to establish a place of worship in the village in a time of great depression, the dedication of the ministers and parishioners in their efforts to preserve the fabric of the building, the book conveys the importance of St. Paul's to the people of Paterson. (20 pp.) $4.00

Innovation, Invention and Enterprise: History of Beekeeping in Maitland, by Janece McDonald.

coverA detailed history of beekeeping in the Maitland area including families and their apiaries, and manufacturers of beekeepers' appliances. Includes the Scobie, Pender, Munday, Mansfield and Tucker families (78 pages, includes photos). $20.00

Iona-Duns Creek Bush Fire Brigade History 1959-2010, by Robyn Dunlop.

coverOn the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Brigade. 33 pages. $20.00

James Phillips and Bona Vista, Paterson River, by Shirley Threlfo.

The story of the Bona Vista estate and the two families, Phillips and Smith, who owned and operated the property for more than 150 years. This very readable book has been well-researched and contains details of military life at the time of the Napoleonic Wars, information on many of the early properties and families of early Paterson, together with family documents and photos. (34 pp.) $8.00

John Eales of Duckenfield - the Men and the Mansion, by David Brouwer.

coverThree generations, three 'John Eales', a magnificent mansion, the crowning glory of a pastoral empire. Duckenfield Park house became the most recognisable symbol of opulence in the Hunter Valley. The glory lasted just 65 years. Sold, demolished and dispersed, no trace remains. This new book reveals the rise and fall of a dynasty. Includes many photographs, maps, and bibliography. (168 pp.) $45.00 (H)

John Herring Boughton of Tillimby, Paterson, by Dulcie Hartley.

A detailed account of this early settler. Includes photographs, maps, index, bibliography. (44 pp.) $8.00

John Powell - Orange Grove - The First Small Paterson Land Grant - March 1821, by Kay Ingle.

Details of John Powell as a master mariner, also of him and his family on their farm at Orange Grove near Paterson. Includes photos, maps, index, 142 pages. $24.00

Kalimna, Paterson, by Shirley Threlfo.

Details the history of the property known as Kalimna. The Kalimna house has stood as a sentinel at the entry to the Paterson Village for over 100 years. Its attractive design and location makes it a striking element of the landscape. The book records Kalimna's association with people such as HH Brown, the Reynolds and a number of other families. 32 pages, photos and index. $10.00

Lieutenant Commander Frederick Bedwell R.N. 1796 - 1853, by Harry F. Boyle.

A simple headstone in St. Paul's Churchyard, Paterson, is the only memorial to a remarkable and adventurous sailor who participated in the Peninsular War, the American War of 1812 and was a member of the guard which took Napoleon to banishment on St. Helena. Boyle has carried out extensive research to present a picture of Frederick Bedwell's life. (12 pp.). $4.00

Patch and Glennie of Orindinna, Gresford, by Jack Sullivan.

Series 1 of Wine Growing in the Paterson Valley. Includes index, 322 pages. $45.00 (H)

Paterson People and Places - Gleanings from the Museum News No.1, by Shirley Threlfo and Barbara Brown (comp.).

Short articles from the Paterson Historical Society's Museum News. Includes early families, growth of the town, and reminiscences. 34 pages. $5.00

Paterson, a Slice of Valley Life - Gleanings from the Museum News No.2, by Shirley Threlfo and Barbara Brown (comp.).

Short articles from the Paterson Historical Society's Museum News. Includes people, places, produce, spiritual life and the river. 34 pages. $5.00

Paterson Orange, by Valma Patfield.

coverTells the story of the Paterson River orange, an iconic product of the valley in years gone by. The book brings together many references and sources of information, including a significant number of photographs that have not been published before. 36 pages. $20.00

Paterson Public School - Centenary Celebrations 1875-1978, by Pauline Clements (comp.).

Details of the history of Paterson Public School over 100 years, including photos. 16 pages. $4.00

Personalities, Pragmatists and Visionaries - the Origins and Federation of Australia, by Cameron Archer.

Traces the tortuous political path to federation, including links to personalities in Maitland and the Hunter Valley. 28 pages. $5.00

Ploughs, Pubs and Paddle Steamers, by Edwin L. Coyle.

A collection of stories about the Keppie family, pioneers of Paterson. Includes photos and a Keppie family tree (revised edition, 2004). $15.00

Pte Arthur Ernest Keppie - His Diary, Letters and Postcards 1914-1915, by Edwin L. Coyle.

Like many thousands of country lads, Arthur 'Podge' Keppie answered the call to defend Empire and Country. Through his letters and diary we experience his enlistment, training, voyage to Egypt and further training. The story then concludes with the exchange of letters between the defence authorities and family members; we experience the family's frustration and then agony in August 1916, as they finally receive the news of his death, which had taken place on the evening after that day we still remember each year, April 25, 1915. (29 pp.) $7.00

Reverend John Jennings Smith: 1782-1846, by Val Patfield.

A history of the church, the area and its early settlers, including a list of burials, photographs and transcriptions of gravestones, with notes on some of those buried. Index and bibliography. (76pp.) $15.00

Sacred Heart Church and Cemetery Summer Hill, Paterson Valley, by Kay Ingle.

A history of the church, the area and its early settlers, including a list of burials, photographs and transcriptions of gravestones, with notes on some of those buried. Index and bibliography. (76pp.) $10.00

Soldier/Farmer/Historian - an album of tributes to Henry Francis Boyle, OAM 1919-2005.

A compilation of tributes and photos in memory of the late Harry Boyle and his extraordinary contribution to the history of the Hunter Valley. 28 pages. $15.00

The Australian Women's Land Army 1942-1945: The Experiences of Mabs Keppie, of Paterson, by Shirley Threlfo.

On being asked by an officer of the Land Army whether they could milk a cow, Mabs Ransley and her two sisters unhesitatingly answered 'yes'. They were thereupon sent to a sheep station halfway between Deniliquin and Hay. Their experiences, together with details of the general organisation of the A.W.L.A, are presented in this engaging account of an aspect of life in wartime Australia which is often neglected. (20 pp.) $7.00

The Clements - Paterson Connection, by Pauline M. Clements.

An interesting and informative account of a family with ties to the Paterson district from the 1830s to the present day. The research steps taken to discover the family's history could serve as a guide for others seeking information on their ancestors. The many family photos add much to the worth of this book. (23 pp.) $8.00

The Dorothea Mackellar-My Country-Paterson Valley Connection, by Val Anderson, Virgina Daniels and Cynthia Hunter.

coverThis delightful book was produced in conjunction with the opening of the permanent Mackellar exhibition at Paterson Court House Museum. Information is included on the history of Torryburn, the property where a breaking drought inspired Dorothea to pen her immortal lines, together with a brief account of Dorothea's life. Revised edition 2016 (33 pp.) $15.00

The First Fatal Election, Paterson 1843, by Barbara Brown and Shirley Threlfo.

Details the lead up to the 1843 election, the first held in New South Wales. The book describes the local candidates, their campaigning and the election outcome. The book concludes with an account of the death of a man in Paterson during a riot associated with the election, and the trial of his assailant. 38 pages. $7.00

The Parks of Paterson, by Pauline Clements.

Provides detailed history of John Tucker Park, Paterson's Bicentenary Park, Paterson Park/Sportsground and King's Wharf Park. 96 pages. $12.00

The Paterson Lodge Banner - Its Origins and History, by Pauline M. Clements.

What do you do when a very fragile piece of memorabilia is presented to your historical society? This book gives a background to the Manchester Unity Order of Oddfellows, in particular the Paterson Union Lodge, and the project undertaken by Paterson Historical Society to conserve the Lodge banner after the lodge closed its doors in the 1970s. (12 pp.). $5.00

The Settlement of the Paterson District, by Cameron Archer.

Outlines the early days of European settlement of the Paterson area, to 1840. (45 pp). $8.00

The Settlers of Paterson's Plains, by Cynthia Hunter.

The 1995 Heritage address by Cynthia hunter, revised and expanded for publication. Areas covered include the several different groups of settlers with biographical details on many of these people, the establishment of law, the role of religion, education and, of course, the agricultural development of the area. (64 pp.) $12.50

The Tinkler Family of Portnahinch, by Shirley Threlfo.

coverThe story of Usher and Ann Tinkler and their family. Usher emigrated from Ireland and arrived in NSW in 1841. After working at Tocal for a few years he purchased several lots from the 1855 subdivision of the Bona Vista estate. Tinkler named his property Portnahinch. He and Ann are buried in St Paul's cemetery, Paterson.48 pages including photos and index. $12.00

Toil and Trouble from Maitland to Moreton Bay - John Eales' Convicts, by Brian Walsh.

coverDetails the lives, deeds, misdeeds and adventures of 141 convict men and women who worked for John Eales of Berry Park and Duckenfield at some stage during their sentences or while holding a ticket-of-leave. Workplaces included the lower Hunter Valley, the Liverpool Plains and Wide Bay (in what is now the Maryborough region of Queensland). 96 pages, includes photos, index and bibliography. $25.00

Vacy... One Hundred and Eighty Years of History, by Pauline Clements.

coverA detailed and comprehensive account of Vacy's history including early land grants, church, school, post office, and farming in the district. 136 pages, with photos, illustrations and index. $30 (H)

William and Elizabeth Paterson – the Edge of Empire, by Brian Walsh.

coverA fresh look at the first two decades of Australia's European history through the lives of William and Elizabeth Paterson. The book challenges the populist views of the Rum Corps and the Rum Rebellion and offers a critical alternative to this extraordinary period. Elizabeth Paterson was a talented woman who refused to live in William's shadow. She established the Sydney Female Orphan School and became the first women in Australia to manage a pubic institution. 224 pages in full colour, includes images, index and bibliography. $45.00 (H)

William Munnings Arnold 1819-1875, by Harry F. Boyle

The research involved in this 1993 Heritage address has resulted in a revealing portrait of a man whose first experiences of Australia included drought, bankruptcy and the hold-up of his wife by an intruder. Both his private and public lives are covered, together with details of his property, Stradbroke. (29 pp.) $8.00

Where, oh where, is Wooger Vitnell? by Barbara Brown.

A search through various records for an elusive ancestor. Includes some family information, details of military service with Wellington in the Peninsular War, service as a constable at Merton and Paterson and trials in which he was either witness or accused. (17 pp.) $7.00

Yarning with Noel - Conversations about Noel Jupp's life experiences, by David Brouwer.

coverA glimpse into farm life in the Paterson Valley in the mid 20th century; the reminiscences of a man who has gained a formidable reputation as a practical and innovative nurseryman and expert in Australian native flora. (54 pp.) $15.00